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LinkedIn Company Insider

The LinkedIn Company Insider plugin is a great option if you have a lot of employees in your business and would like to highlight them on your website. Short of creating a dedicated team page with bios, this is a quick way to offer a look at who works for you with minimal effort. This is a great way to give a human face to your business on LinkedIn.

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Share Button

This one’s pretty straightforward. Grab the code for this simple share button and place it on your site wherever you’d like. This is typically best used within posts and pages so your visitors can share your content with their networks on LinkedIn. Of course, this feature is rolled into many of the popular social media plugins so if you want to integrate with other networks, those might be a better option for you.

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  • Follow Company

    If you have a company profile on LinkedIn, you’ll want to let that fact be known to your site visitors. The Follow Company code snippet lets you display a simple follow button (along with your follower count, if you prefer).

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  • Member Profile

    Another option is the Member Profile integration. This one lets you embed a snapshot of your LinkedIn profile anywhere on your site. It’s typically best featured in a sidebar widget or in your site’s footer. If your LinkedIn profile is like a resume and then the member profile plugin is more of a business card.

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  • Company Profile

    The Company Profile plugin is just like the Member Profile one but instead shows off a condensed look at your company’s profile instead.

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  • Alumni Tool

    If featuring information about a particular university is appealing to you, there’s the Alumni Tool. This allows you to display the most popular companies, industries, and areas where alumni of a specific school work and live.

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Integrating LinkedIn With Plugins 

Beyond the official site integration LinkedIn offers, there are several third-party tools available as well. These typically come in the form of plugins for WordPress. These plugins seamlessly add elements of LinkedIn onto your site. These features are sometimes quite low profile, like a simple share button and other times more complex. What level of plugin you choose depends largely on your specific needs for LinkedIn integration.

One thing I did notice is that the selection of third-party LinkedIn plugins for WordPress is sort of lacking. And of the ones that do exist, many of them have low ratings and/or very few downloads. So developers, you might want to get on that!

I think this might largely be the case because social sharing to LinkedIn and profile integration are often features rolled into comprehensive social media plugins. And as you likely know, a ton of those already exist. I know we’ve talked about them in exhaustive detail here at WPMU DEV already. Still, it’s worth noting that some of the very best social plugins out there that include LinkedIn integration are Social Media Feather, WordPress Social Stream, Social Login, Microblog Poster, and our very own Floating Social.

Here are a few LinkedIn-specific plugins to consider:

  • FP LinkedIn Profile

    If you want to add your LinkedIn profile onto your site then you’ll want to check out the FP LinkedIn Profile plugin. It installs a simple profile summary card onto your site, so your visitors can find and connect with professionals. You can manage its settings from your dashboard and set the whole thing to link to your full LinkedIn profile.

    You can also customize several areas including the title for the widget, profile name, and profile link. Plus, you can show your connections, choose from several display formats, and even set it to display just icons. A simple plugin for seamless LinkedIn integration.

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  • WP LinkedIn

    WP LinkedIn is another plugin option for inserting your LinkedIn profile onto your website with just a few clicks. It relies on shortcodes for inserting your profile, making it even easier to use. You can also use it to insert a scroller of your LinkedIn recommendations on any page or post, which can act as a one-click testimonial integration. Pretty cool.

    Another widget displays your network updates, too. And the shortcodes can be customized to display in different ways and with different options.

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  • WP LinkedIn Multi-Users

    Designed to work with the WP LinkedIn plugin mentioned above, the WP LinkedIn Multi-Users plugin is an extension that lets you display the profile, recommendations, and network updates for any LinkedIn user.

    Now, you can’t use this to show any random person’s LinkedIn profile, but if you have several authors on your site, you can use this plugin to display each of their LinkedIn profiles. The specific users has to connect their LinkedIn and WordPress accounts but the end result is again a seamless integration. Just like the main WP LinkedIn plugin, Multi-Users uses plugins for profile, update, and recommendation insertion.

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  • WP LinkedIn for Companies

    There’s yet another extension that works with WP LinkedIn called WP LinkedIn for Companies. It works by letting you display a company profile and company network updates on your blog via a widget or shortcode.

    With this plugin, you can display a company profile, a company card, updates, and products. You can customize the look and feel of these widgets just as you can with the primary plugin.

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  • LinkedIn Master

    LinkedIn Master is another plugin that makes integrating LinkedIn into a WordPress site simple. You can display your profile, a company profile, or both to more readily expand your network connections. It can be displayed in widgets anywhere your theme allows and can also be displayed within posts and pages.

    The Lite version lets you change the widget title and includes buttons for sharing, following, and recommending. The Advanced version contains many more features including the buttons described above, widgets for member profiles, company profiles, insiders, available jobs, and alumni. Plus it includes shortcodes for inserting these buttons and widgets. Everything’s SEO optimized, too.

    The Advanced version ranges in price from $35 for one website to $69 for unlimited websites.

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  • LinkedIn Auto Publish

    LinkedIn Auto Publish is a plugin that allows you to post network updates to LinkedIn through WordPress. You can publish a simple text-based message to LinkedIn, post a message with an image, and filter items to be published based on categories or custom post types. You can also opt to have your posts shared with the public or with just your LinkedIn connections.

    You can select from several blog post elements to be published on LinkedIn including the post title, description, or excerpt, the blog’s title or permalink, and the user’s nickname.

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  • Atom LinkedIn

    Atom LinkedIn is a streamlined plugin that allows you to insert several different LinkedIn features onto your site with minimal fuss. While LinkedIn does offer its own widgets that are easy to use, having an all-in-one solution makes things a little simpler. This plugin allows you to display a member or company profile, company insiders, jobs, and more.

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  • LinkedIn Login

    If you’re serious about LinkedIn integration, you might want to allow your visitors to login to your site with their LinkedIn accounts. This is really beneficial if you want to create a seamless network. Some features include the ability to have users register for your site with a LinkedIn account, to allow LinkedIn members to be automatically logged in when they register, and straightforward API integration. It also includes shortcodes for simple display.

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  • LinkedInclude

    The LinkedInclude plugin lets you display any posts you’ve made to LinkedIn on your WordPress site by scraping and importing your Author Post Activity page. They’re placed in a table on your site then displayed in a simple widget. You can then insert these widgets wherever you want in a sidebar, footer, or even in a post or page. You can also select the visibility of each imported LinkedIn post individually.

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  • LinkedIn Post Planner/Scheduler

    The last plugin I’m going to talk about here today is LinkedIn Post Planner/Scheduler. This plugin makes it possible to share posts from your site on your LinkedIn profile with ease. While you can automate everything, you can also pick and choose what posts are shared with your LinkedIn network.

    The posts you share can include your blog post title, description, and permalink. Another feature is the ability to add a custom comment and image. It also has a scheduler with email confirmation.

    This one’s easy to set up and ideal for those looking to engage more on LinkedIn without hopping over to the site itself. LinkedIn Post Planner/Scheduler is $17.

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