A Chain Is Only As Strong As It’s Weakest Link

Any Digital Marketing campaign is dependent on several components. For instance email marketing requires

  • a quality list of email addresses
  • an effective message to send to the list
  • a call to action that allows the customer to take action

Each component is as important as the next is the sense that if any one of them fails, the whole campaign fails. And while email marketing may not be simple, it is relativity simple compared to Pay Per Click Marketing.

Pay Per Click Marketing is by far the most effective and flexible means of Digital Marketing. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

If you are going to take up the banner of PPC marketing, you had better be ready for the challenge, And the challenge is considerable, From conception to completion there is many more components to a PPC campaign than any other form of Digital Marketing. Or to continue on with the analogy, there are more links in the PPC chain than any other kind of Digital Marketing chain.

With other Digital Marketing strategies the links are more clearly visible and generally understood by the average business person. But PPC marketing has links that most business people know little or nothing about. And these little known links or components within a PPC campaign are often the ones that break the chain and cause the majority of PPC campaigns to fail.

More often than not, whhen a PPC campaign fails the business owner does not even realize where the failure occured, If this just just an ocasional occurance, it would have no collective effect. But it is far more common for a business to fail at ppc than to succed. Over time this generats a collective confusion about ppc and the belies that it small businesses don’t stand a chance in the ppc game.

By far the most important component in any ppc campaign, or any thing in life relly, is the ability to listen to a business person and really understand their business. Not in the way that I think that type of business is, but from the perspective of the client. That does not mean I always have to agree with them, but it means I have to have an open mind and try to see past my pre concived options and really get to know the business from the other side of the equation.