The Story Begins In 1998

I walked into a small office building in San Diego looking for a cheap hard drive and came out with a job as an account manager for a Computer Manufacture. It 1998 and Windows 98 was about to take world by storm.

One thing leads to another and 25 years later I’m working for the best company in the world! And for the first time in my life, I don’t hate my job. In fact, I like it!


Nobody gets paid to do something they enjoy! Well almost nobody…


But Google has a lot to lose and many people out to make them look bad. Google employees are not allowed to put themselves out there and talk about what they do unless their name is Matt Cutts! And I’m not Matt Cutts nor do I want to be.

One day I was checking domain names and found the ‘’ was available. That was too much so I decided to become the AdWords Insider. Oh Boy, this is going to be fun!