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Google for Nonprofits offers organizations like yours access to highly discounted or free products. These tools can help you find new donors and volunteers, work efficiently, and get supporters to take action.

Generate More Donations

Make sure the option to donate is simple and clear. As you know, so much comes down to financial support. There’s still plenty of room for traditional fundraising through direct mail and offline events. But now people can give online even more quickly when the option to donate is available on your website. Google Wallet streamlines the online donation process by allowing donors to use a single login and enjoy enhanced security for their personal data. When it’s easy and safe for users to donate online, you’re already ahead of the game.


Get Your Team Working Together

The team that has a huddle, has a plan.

Nonprofit work can be a veritable ocean of information – emails, documents, schedules, finances. And with people potentially working in different cities, states or countries, it can be hard to keep the team on the same page. Storing documents online with Google Docs can help you ensure that team members know what’s going on where. Shared online documents, like Google Spreadsheets, can help everyone contribute effectively to a grant proposal or budget report. Google Forms let you easily get data from team members, volunteers and clients.

Look Your Very Best

Share your organization’s work with a great website.

There’s no two ways about it: you need a website that’s attractive and professional. First impressions do count online, and when you’re not interacting with people face-to-face, your website will be their first point of contact. Let your website speak for you and help people understand your work. Also, make it easy for website visitors to get involved with clear calls to action for donating and volunteering. Get Your Business Online gives you hundreds of fresh website templates to choose from. Google Sites can also help you establish your web presence quickly and effectively.


Define Your Goals and Track Your Progress

Make sure you keep track of your website’s performance.

Once your website has launched, use Google Analytics to keep a close eye on traffic. You’ll see how many people are visiting, how long they’re sticking around and what aspects of the site they’re interacting with most. You can get a clear picture of your website’s effectiveness through charts and reports which you can easily share with the rest of your team. Plus, you can use Content Experiments in Google Analytics to test different variations of your website, whether it’s a new headline, a new website template, new call-to-action or different content altogether.

Tell Your Nonprofit Story Well

Use video and geo tools online to reach and grow your audience.

You’re doing crucial, amazing work, and that work should come to life visually online. Set up a channel on YouTube to show your nonprofit in action, whether it’s updates from the field or an interview with your executive director. Show people the faces behind your work as well as those benefiting from it. Using Google Earth, you can map your nonprofit’s efforts across the globe, helping people understand how and where your organization works.


Create a Buzz About Your Nonprofit

Continue the conversation with supporters on social media.

As you reach goals and milestones along the way, it’s important to celebrate them with your supporters. Start an ongoing dialogue with supporters, which will help sustain and grow the number of people who care about your cause. Keep people updated with blogs, e-newsletters and a rich presence on Google+. To start, consider converting print newsletters into email updates, blog posts or as social media posts on Google+. You don’t always have the opportunity to talk face to face with donors, volunteers, and the public, so keep the conversation going online.

Make Some Noise And Get Attention

Raise awareness for your cause with online advertising.

Word of mouth helps you get people to your website. To increase visitors even more, you should to have a strategy for driving more traffic to your site. By using Google Adwords, you can improve the likelihood that someone finds your organization online because your ads are eligible to show up next to Google search results. You build the ads and select strong, relevant keywords. Then users can find your ads when they do a search using related words or phrases. AdWords helps you speak to an audience that’s already interested in what you have to say. It’s like turning up the volume at which your nonprofit’s work is heard on the web.


Time To Get Started Is Right Now!

Whether or not your nonprofit is already operating at full steam…

You can dramatically improve your efficiency with online tools. Smooth out and simplify operations at every level by turning to Google products, which are free and easy-to-use. And you won’t need a mountain of financial resources to get started.

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