JivoSite – Live Chat

Live Chat (No Service Fees)

Connect with prospects at just the right moment, when they are on your website.

  • Allow them to ask questions
  • Connect with people that don’t want to hear a sales pitch
  • Give people more ways to connect with you
  • Increase conversions

 Voice and Text Live Chat lets you connect with your prospects at the most important time of all, when they are looking for your product or service.


And this is no timid Live Chat that sits passively in the background waiting for someone to to use it. This Live Chat get involved in your prospects experience for you. It comes alive and asks your prospect if they need help or have any questions.


JivoSite Live Chat is simple and elegant communication solution for your e-commerce site. It resembles Facebook chat window that is quite familiar nowadays. Also chat window always stays on top of your web site and does not blink and reload upon navigation. It will not get buried under dozens of opened browser windows and provide smooth user experience. If nobody is online visitor will see offline email form.

Custom Design Options

 JivoSite can be completely re-designed to fit the looks of your web site with just few clicks

Conveient Desktop Client

Livechat is not just a fancy feature of your web site, but an important business process that should be fine tuned to ensure effectiveness. For that purpose we designed special application with agent efficiency in mind. It makes agents productive and effective introducing minimal distraction from their daily jobs.

Chat On The Go With IOS And Android Apps!

Install app on your iPhone, iPad or Android and receive messages from your customers everywhere! App uses the standard Jabber protocol, so you can use any app that supports Jabber.

Intelligent Proactive Invitations

With properly configured proactive invitations, you will increase conversion of your site, and hence increase number of customers without any additional investments in advertising and promotion. Convert more visitors into customers!

Free Web Calls!

Visitor can call agent with just one click using computer’s microphone and speaker. To receive web calls agent needs a regular VoIP headset. Web calls are routed through the Internet, so they are free both for you and your customers.

Statistics And Reports

Detailed reports on accepted and missed chats are available in the admin panel. Monitor effectiveness of your staff, read chat logs and evaluate agents online presence!

Google Analytics Integration

If you have Google Analytics installed on your web site, JivoSite will record there all significant events related to online chat so you could analyze the impact of online chat on your conversion and sales and improve those metrics over time