Social Authentication

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Social Authentication eliminates roadblocks to valuable consumer data allowing us to develop authentic relationships and effective communications. Shorter web forms, better data, higher conversions and increased ROI.

Benefits Of Social Authentication

  • Verified customer data
  • Eliminate registration forms
  • Simplify form submissions
  • Collect emails, profiles and contacts
  • Profile & Contacts MySQL Table

By eliminating visitor registration we are eliminating roadblocks to valuable consumer data which allows us to develop authentic relationships and effective lines of communication.

Social Authentication Users

  • Have 67% more Page Views
  • Spend +56% more time a site
  • Spend 66.2% more time on site.


 24 Social Networks

Included: FacebookTwitter and Linkedin Available: Google, Yahoo, , Windows Live, Myspace, Foursquare, , Tumblr, Steam,,, Instagram, Goodreads, AOL, Vkontakte, Stackoverflow, Github, 500px, Skyrock,,, Yandex and Odnoklassniki.

 Custom Integration

Flexible authentication and account management system. Can be customize it to your heart’s content via css and icons.

 Profiles & Contacts

Collect user profile data. When a social network fails to provide an email address Social Log-in steps in and requests it.

Connect and Engage

Social Log-in lets you engage visitors on a social level – social sign-in, social sharing, users profiles, friends list, activity stream, status updates and more.

Free Update

Future release will include robust social tool-kit with useful new features like users management, comment to tweet, tweet to download, and many more.

 Configuration Includes

  • Facebook developer account and application
  • Linkedin developer account and application
  • Twitter developer account and application
  • All accounts under your control


Try Social Authentication In Now!