Here are 6 ideas to help you take full advantage of Expanded Text Ads to improve your campaign performance.

Expanded Text Ads

1. Reexamine Your Entire Ad  Strategy

You have an additional headline to work with. That doesn’t mean just add another feature to your advertisements. This is an opportunity to re-assess your whole ad strategy. The two headlines can be combine into a single longer new headline or used separately. This is a great opportunity to make real improvements to your ads.

2. Concentrate On Headlines

The headlines are the the most important part of your advertisements. You now have twice the space to work with, take the time to use it wisely. What you put into that space will be a major factor in determining how well your campaign performs.

3. Focus On Client Needs And The Benefits You Provide

People respond to advertisements that pay attention on their their needs. Things like “call us today” really say nothing about the benefits you provide. Individuals care about things like ‘reliability’ or ‘large selection’. They like deals and rebates or things that actually equate to value. Tell people what you offer that can actually improve their lives.

4. Organize And Update Your Ads In Systematic Manner

Focus your energy on ad groups with the most potential to improve your bottom line. You don’t need to update all the ads in your campaign right away.

5. Don’t Forget Ad Extensions

Your new ads have significantly more space, yet that doesn’t imply ad extensions are any less vital. Execute any promotion augmentations that bode well for your business. Continue to implement all ad extensions that make sense for your campaign.

Important! Do not repeat content in your ad extensions that is already in your ad body. This is a common problem especially with callouts, sitelinks extensions.

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6. Don’t Delay Implementing Expanded Text Ads

The new Expanded Text Ad format is supposed to work better across all devices, mobile in particular. That means your ads will be more meaningful and effective. Every day you delay implementing the new ad format means another day you don’t take advantage of their potential to improve your campaign performance and another day your competition has to get ahead of you.