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Single Click Registration or Social Authentication is all the rage on the big Web 2.0 and enterprise level sites! It’s a technology that is rapidly evolving and within a year or two will completely eliminate user accounts and passwords as we know them today. Be one of the first in your industry to offer one click signup and improve your conversions while your at it!I have been testing the social Auth plugins and applications for two weeks now and I have found my favorite! The winner by a long shot is WordPress Social Login!

Besides just being a quality implementation of the Social Auth technology, this plugin goes further than other Social Auth providers in taking advantage of the technology it is built upon. All the plugins I tried worked and let users login with their social profiles just fine. But none of them had any solution for managing the user profiles. And what is the benefit of it all if you don’t get the visitors contact information? – Not much!

WordPress Social Login steps in and does the job of bringing together contact information in a way you can access it. But not all social networks give up as much information as we would like! So WWordPress Social Login or WSL enlists the help of a couple of other WordPress plugins to go the exrra mile and collect the information we need. The WSL also brings together 20 or so 3rd party plugins for other social networking platforms.

Other HybridAuth Plugins

HybridAuth User Guide

Social networks setup and configuration

The Bouncer Plugin that collects email from stingy social networks.

WordPress Social Login FAQ


About Social Auth

54% of users leave a website if asked to fill out a registration form! Research shows that the 5 key obstacles for users not registering for or returning to a website are:

  1. Filling out a lengthy registration form
  2. Setting up new usernames/passwords
  3. Verifying email address
  4. Setting up security question
  5. Forgetting usernames or passwords

Your potential users will no longer leave your site due to registration fatigue. With LoginRadius social login solution, you can eliminate typical registration form with username/password system and let your users log in with their existing social account from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and over 20 more!

Social Sign-in eliminates roadblocks to valuable consumer data allowing us to develop authentic relationships and effective communications. Shorter web forms, better data, higher conversions and increased ROI.

  • User sign up in 10 seconds
  • Increase sign-ups or conversions
  • Collect verified user data
  • Increase return rate
  • Increase time users spent on site
  • Capture emails for all visitors
  • and user contact lists

The most fascinating feature is the ability to import visitor contacts. I’m not sure how useful a huge list of contacts on from social networks is yet, but the imagination sure has fun thinking about it! Check it out…

 WordPress Social Login or Social Auth – 1 Click Login

Enable contacts import for :

To enable contacts import from these social network, you need first to enabled them on the Networks tab and register the required application.

WSL will try to import as much information about a user contacts as he was able to pull from the social networks APIs.

All contacts data are sotred into your database on the table: `wsluserscontacts`.

Here is a screen shot of the users page one hour after setting up the plugin. I’m the only user that logged in with WSL so far, But look how many contacts it pulled from my assorted social accounts. Note the contacts.

Click the link below to try Social Auth at it’s best!

Put WordPres Social Login to the test



 Here is a screen shot from one of my profiles contact list.
Notice to the far right I left the scroll bar in the image to show how long the page of contacts is….



Login screen with social buttons.


More social networks available.



Plugin Insights or user report after first hour.


Actual profile in WSL


WSL components that make it all work


All in all, this is one great plugin. The technology is still new and the other implementations of it are mostly too basic to be of much use to a business person that wants to collect visitor data. While WSL has it issues, it is far ahead of the pack, at least the free pack.

Put WordPres Social Login to the test


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